Virtual Book Tours – 2014

This is going to be a monster post, since I have seven (7) tours tentatively scheduled for the next eight (8) or so months.  *bounces*

Please feel free to recommend tour sites in the comments; I’m always interested in giving other companies a try and I may run out of blogs but not enthusiasm for book tours!  😀


Orangeberry Book Tour Schedule 

3rd June – Book Feature at Peace from Pieces

4th June – Twitter View with OB Book Tours

5th June – Twitter Blast with OB Book Tours

6th June – Author Interview 1 at Mommy Adventures

7th June – Twitter Blast with OB Book Tours

10th June  – Excerpt 1 at Slam Dunk Books

11th June – (*1)Book Review & Guest Post 1 at The Reading Cat

12th June – Guest Post 2 at Nose in Books

13th June – (*2)Book Review & Excerpt 2 at Blog-A-Licious Authors

14th June – Excerpt 3 at Brainy Book Reads


17th June – Guest Post 3 at Author’s Friend

18th June – (*3)Book Review & Excerpt 4 at Books & More

19th June – Orangeberry Sidebar

20th June – (*4)Book Review & Guest Post 4 at Lonely Heart Reviews

21st June – Excerpt 5 at Covers and All Else

24th June – (*5)Book Review & Author Interview 3 at Paws on Books

25th June – (*6)Book Review & Excerpt 6 at My Reading Problem

26th June – Excerpt 1 at Reading the Dream Life

27th June – (*7)Book Review & Guest Post 5 at Mind to Mind

28th June – Excerpt 2 at Non Stop Reads


1st July – Excerpt 3 at Dreaming Pages

2nd July – (*9)Book Review & Guest Post 1 at Gentleman Reads

3rd July – Author Interview 4 at My Life in Books

4th July – (*10)Book Review & Excerpt 4 at Book Lover’s Dream

5th July –  Book Feature at Me, You & Books

8th July– (*11)Book Review & Guest Post at Creating Imaginations

9th July – Excerpt at Quality Reads UK

10th July – (*12)Book Review at Books on the Open Range

11th July – Excerpt 7 at Xcellent Books

12th July – Author Interview & (*13)Book Review at Pages to Chapters

15th July – Book Feature at  Working for Books

16th July – (*14)Book Review & Author Interview at Journey’s thru Books

17th July – Excerpt at Field of Dreams

18th July – (*15)Book Review at bit’s ‘n Bobs

19th July – Author Interview at Imagination in Books

22nd July – (*16)Book Review at Living Books

23rd July – (*17)Book Review at UnEnding TBR Pile

24th July – Author Interview at Everything 4 Books

25th July – Guest Post at Life Altering Reads

26th July – (*18)Book Review at Kindle Nook Books

29th July – Excerpt at Page Turning Books

30th July – Author Interview & (*19)Book Review at Top ‘o Mornin’ To Ya

31st July – Excerpt at High Class Books

1st August – Guest Post at Book Sane

2nd August – Author Interview & (*20)Book Review at Pages to Pages

5th August – Excerpt at City of Reviews

6th August – Author Interview & (*21)Book Review at Top Shelf Books

7th August – Excerpt at Love Books

8th August – Book Feature at All Books Remembered

9th August – Author Interview & (*22)Book Review at Book Professor

12th August – Excerpt at UnBiased Books

13th August – (*23)Book Review & Guest Post at eInk Reviews

14th August – Book Feature at Aspiring Books

15th August – Author Interview & (*24)Book Review at Reading Away Life

16th August –  Excerpt at UK Book Club

19th August – (*25)Book Review & Guest Post at Just My Opinion

20th August – Book Feature at Nobody Important

21st August – Author Interview & (*26)Book Review at Up In Smoke Reviews

22nd August –  Excerpt at Next Big Book Thing

23rd August – (*27)Book Review & Guest Post at Reading My Addiction

26th August – Author Interview at Need to Stop Reading

27th August – (*28)Book Review & Guest Post at Pastime with Books

28th August – Excerpt at A Novel Design

29th August – (*29)Book Review & Excerpt at Pleasure Reads

5th September – Author Interview at Zoo of Books

12th September – Tweet Me A Storm with OB Book Tours

19th September – (*30)Book Review & Guest Post at Dawn til Dusk

26th September –  Excerpt at Author’s Going Places

3rd October – (*31)Book Review & Author Interview at Books & Beyond

10th October – Guest Post at Passion for Reading

17th October – (*32)Book Review & Excerpt at Review Depot

24th October – Author Interview at Colourful Books

31st October – (*33)Book Review & Author Interview at Writing Stage

7th November – Guest Post at Book Blog Promo

14th November – Book Feature at 

21st November – Author Interview & Book Feature at Book Bumpkin



The other tour companies and tentative start dates:                                 TBD                          July 1, 2014



Enchanted Book Promotions – January 6 – February 6

January 6th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

January 6th: Book Excerpt @ Stories of Romance

January 7th: Book Excerpt @ Sylv Jenkins’ Blog

January 9th: Author Interview @ Cassidy Crimson’s Blog

January 10th: Book Excerpt @ The Book Daily

January 11th: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

January 13th: Book Excerpt @ The Reading Guru

January 15th: Guest Post @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

January 17th:  Character Interview @ The Book Daily

January 18th: Book Excerpt @ Annette Gisby’s Blog

January 19th: Book Review @ I’m an Eclectic Reader

January 21st: Book Excerpt @ The Book Gazette

January 23rd: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

January 25th: Book Excerpt @ Bookish Madness

January 27th: Guest Post @ Endazzled Reading

January 28th: Author Interview @ Majanka’s Blog

January 29th: Book Excerpt @ 365 Days of Reading

January 31st:  February 1st 2nd:  Book Review @ Forever Book Lover

February 1st: Promo Post @ Book Suburbia

Feb 3rd: Book Review and Excerpt @ Books are Love

Feb 5th: Author Interview @ Bookaholic Ramblings

Feb 6th: Book Excerpt @ Hollow Readers

~~~~~~~~~~  – February 3 – March 14, 2014

February 3rd – Authors’ Cafe {Author Interview}
February 5th – M.J. Schiller, Romance Author {Guest Post}
February 6th – For Whom The Books Toll {Guest Post}
February 7th – 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too! {Spotlight}
February 10th – Eden Ashe {Guest Post}
February 11th – What Readers Want {Spotlight}
February 12th – Fundinmental {Spotlight}
February 14th – A Chick Who Reads {Guest Post & Review}
February 17th  –Loralee Lillibridge – Blogging Across the Back Fence {Spotlight}
February 19th – The Most Happy Reader {Spotlight}
                          Zee Monodee – Author’s Corner {Guest Post & Review}
February 20th – Diane Burton – Adventure and Romance…in this world and beyond {Author Interview}
February 26th – Christine’s Words {Guest Post}
March 3rd – Inksugar {Author Interview & Review}
March 4th – Finding Fantastical Books (Spotlight)
March 5th – Christa Reads and Writes {Guest Post & Review}
March 6th – Margo Hoornstra – Writing Inside & Out {Spotlight}
March 7th – Readers’ Muse {Author Interview & Review}
March 10th – Jersey Girl Book Reviews {Guest Post & Review}
March 11th – My Devotional Thoughts {Spotlight}
                     Booklover Sue {Author Interview}
March 13th – Sharon C. Cooper, Just Thinking… {Spotlight}
March 14th – Romance Me {Spotlight}
 ~~~~~~~~~~  –  March 24-28, 2014

March 24th – Booklover Sue – review and excerpt

Here is some of what I read – review and dream cast

For The Love of Books – review and dream cast

March 25th – My Journeys Into Pure Imagination – review and playlist

StarAngels’ Reviews – review and dream cast

Daydream Books – promo and playlist

March 26th – Books are Love – review and excerpt

Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews – promo and top 10

Dirty Hoe’s Book Blog – review and excerpt

Loves Romance Books – review and playlist

Angee’s Afterthoughts

March 27th – My Book Review Blog – review and playlist

Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews – review

Roberta’s Dreamworld – promo and interview

March 28th – Living Between Books – review and excerpt

Deal Sharing Aunt – promo and dream cast

The Chronic Romantic

Garside’s Book Bets – review and interview

Books A to Z – promo and top 10

~~~~~~~~~~   May 1, 2014-May 30, 2014

May 1 – Reading Addiction Blog Tours – Kick Off

May 2 – Book Publicity Services – Interview

May 3 – Swipe the Pages – Review

May May 4 –  My Devotional Thoughts – Excerpt
May 5 – Books Direct – Guest Post
May 6 – Little Whimsy Books – Review
May 7 – Walking with Nora – Review
May 8 – Mismatched Bookends – Review
May 9 – Best Between the Lines – Interview
May 10 – Jeanz Book Read n Review – Interview
May 11 – Andi’s Book Reviews – Review
May 12 – Cupcakes Book Cupboard – Review
May 13 – Bless Their Hearts Mom – Review
May 14 – The Many Thoughts of a Reader – Review
May 15 – D’eBook Sharing Reviews – Guest Post
May 16 – Books in the Burbs – Review
May 17 – Indie Authors You Want to Read – Excerpt
May 18 – Simplistic Reviews – Excerpt
May 19 – Pure Jonel – Review
May 20 – Crazy About Books – Excerpt
May 21 – Read it Write – Excerpt
May 21 – Passionate Encounters – Review
May 22 – Mommasez… – Review
May 23 – Little Bits of Everything – Review
May 24 – Kelly’s Thoughts on Things – Excerpt
May 24 – Deluged With Books Cafe – Review
May 26 – Sea Witch Reviews – Review
May 27 – Always Jo Art – Guest Post
May 27 – Readsalot – Review
May 28 – Starangel Reviews – Review
May 28 – Jody’s Book Reviews – Excerpt
May 29 – Carole’s Books – Excerpt
May 29 – The Butterfly Reads – Review
May 30 – RABT Book Tours – Wrap

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