Where’s the book(s)?

When I first started this blog, the book was only available on Kindle and through CreateSpace.  That has definitely changed!!  So, without further ado:

A Life Less Ordinary can be found at:

1.  Amazon – It’s available at all versions of  Amazon, but I’ll send you to as it has the preview.

2.  CreateSpace – For those of you (like me) who prefer hard copies.  (Also available through Amazon).

3.  Smashwords – Please let me know if you have problems with this link!

4.  Barnes & Noble – In case you have a Nook.  Print is available from this link as well.

5.  Chapters Indigo – for the Kobo.

6. – is a handy dandy search engine to find many of the places where the hard copy is available for sale.  Although, seriously:  who would spend that kind of money on a paperback?!  (At the time of writing, there’s one for sale for $82.25.  I’m a little scared to click the link… O.O

Anyway, those are all the major outlets I can find at the moment.  OH – it’s also apparently available in the Apple Store and Sony, but I have yet to find it on those sites.  I’ll update with links when I do.  🙂


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