Virtual Book Tours – 2013

Here’s the complete schedule for the second virtual book tour that’s starting tomorrow, May 14th.  This one is reviews only – I hope everyone who reviewed the book enjoyed it!  (I guess I’ll soon find out!  LOL)

5/14/2013 The Write to Read
5/17/2013 4 the LUV of SANITY
5/17/2013 SECOND STOP Welcome to My World of Dreams
5/20/2013 Margay Leah Justice
5/21/2013 Tiffany Talks Books
5/21/2013 SECOND STOP Straight from the Libary
5/22/2013 Cora Seton
5/23/2013 Writer Wonderland
5/24/2013 Brewing Passion
5/24/2013 SECOND STOP It’s Raining Books 


Name Before the Masses Tour Stops

5/13/2013 The Sinner Author
5/13/2013 SECOND STOP A Writer’s Life
5/20/2013 Books and Other Spells
6/3/2013 Wake Up Your Wild Side
6/10/2013 TeacherWriter
6/17/2013 Worlds of Possibilities
6/24/2013 Read Your Writes Book Reviews
6/24/2013 SECOND STOP MeganJohnsInvites
7/1/2013 Book ‘Em North Carolina
7/8/2013 The Life (and lies) of an inanimate flying object Cancelled.
7/15/2013 My DevotionalThoughts
7/22/2013 Andi’s Book Reviews
7/29/2013 Uttley’s Take          Long and Short Reviews
8/5/2013 Christy McKee Writes for Women in the Sweet Spot of Life
8/12/2013 Hope Dreams. Life… Love
8/26/2013 World of Dreams


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