My apologies for being MIA for the last couple of weeks.  Between being unable to find the posts on my host blogs (I’ve found some now!!), Twitter confusing the hell out of me, Biggie’s turn for a vet visit (nothing major and he seems all right now), work, arguing with my muse, and waking up with a #$!@$%! headache EVERY DAY for the LAST WEEK (did I say #$!@$%! already?), time has slipped away.We won’t talk about sleeping in yesterday, or missing the bus last week, or…wait.  We’re not talking about all that.  *cough*

So as not to confuse myself, and to make sure I give proper thanks to my blog hosts, I’ll be doing a separate post with all the stops I’ve found, and then keeping on top of things a bit better.  I should get to that later today.

*hangs head*

I hope everyone else has been having a better time of it!  🙂


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New Tour Starts – Orangeberry Book Tours

Good morning, all!

It’s June!  June? JUUUNNNEEE!!!  O.O  Where the *bleeep* has the year gone??

Let me rephrase that: time has been going so quickly ever since it warmed up.  Winter lasted for-ev-er.

But with the ever-quickening passage of time comes a new book tour.  My Orangeberry Book Tour kicks off today with a book feature at Peace from Pieces.  This tour goes until November(!), so there will be period where I have two running at the same time.  Should be an interesting time!  😀


Along Came Jones Wordcount

37780 / 77183 words. 49% done!

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Tour Wrap Up – Reading Addiction Book Tours

Good morning all!

Today’s the last day for my Reading Addiction Book Tour, and they’ve kindly provided a review wrap-up post.

Today is also Friday, which of course means THE WEEKEND!!  Whoo!!  Blondie finishes her antibiotics this weekend, and I will have a brief pause between book tours.  ;D  On the down side, I can’t believe it’s going to be June on Sunday.  JUNE!!!!!!! Where the bloody hell has the year gone??


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Tour Stop x 2 – Carole’s Books and The Butterfly Reads

Good morning, all!

Even though it’s cold and rainy outside, it’s a good day.  My migraine is (mostly) gone after making a mild comeback yesterday; Blondie and Biggie have mended fences and are once again playing together; Blondie is bounding/leaping around the house like she’s not still half-bald and healing; I have two tour stops today!  ;D

The first stop is here, at Carole’s Books, and the second is a review here at The Butterfly Reads.  Don’t forget to stop by and leave some love and appreciation for the hosts!

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Tour Stop x 2 – StarAngel’s Reviews and Jody’s Book Reviews

Good morning, all!

It’s Wednesday!!  And I have to spend it staring at a spreadsheet all day (again) – no wonder I already have a headache…on the up side, though, Blondie’s racing around like she’s a kitten again, and all seems to be forgiven with Biggie.  While they’re not quite making out the way they used to, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Today has two tour stops.  First is a review, here at StarAngel’s Reviews, and the second is an excerpt at Jody’s Book Reviews.  Please stop on by and leave some love for the hosts!

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Tour Stop x 2 – AlwaysJo Art and Readsalot

Hi everyone!

I’m late today, I know.  I’m feeling much better, but still slept in, and I thought I should wait until my lunch hour before posting.  This whole working for a living thing really cuts into my online time!  ;D

Today I have two stops:  a post here at AlwaysJo Art, and a review at Readsalot.  Please stop on by and leave some love for the hosts!

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Tour Stop – Miss Ivy’s Book Nook

Morning, all.

The ‘good’ is missing today because I’m sick with my version of a migraine: dull headache accompanied by nausea.  Thankfully, it’s not incredibly painful, but the nausea is a bit distracting (to say the least).

Blondie, on the other hand, is acting as if nothing at all was ever wrong!  After needing three people to hold her down, her stitches were removed on Saturday, as well as her cone.  Later that day, she rather loudly told off a neighbour cat who was looking in the window, then proceeded to put Biggie firmly back in his place.  Well, I had warned him she was going to beat the crap out of him once she was better.  A more pathetic looking 20-pound cat being schooled by a 5-pound cat I have yet to see….*facepalm*

Today’s tour stop is a review here at Miss Ivy’s Book Nook.  Please stop by and leave some appreciation for the host!

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