Tour Stop – Indie Authors You Want to Read

17 May

Good morning, all!

It’s a gorgeous morning here in Edmonton, and I’ve got windows open for the first time in…well, it feels like months, but it’s probably only weeks – LOL.  Blondie’s healing nicely, especially once I decided to stop giving her the painkillers that made her lay on the bed and stare into space and she wasn’t eating at all.  Before I get the “Bad Cat Mom” title:  she’s a very small cat, and by that point she’d barely eaten for 5 days; painkillers wouldn’t do her much good if she starved to death!

Once the painkillers wore off, she wolfed food like a trooper, and she’s now back to her ladylike eating habits…albeit with a cone around her head (tied on with a jaunty bow that’s beginning to look decidedly bedraggled).  Now if only Biggie would stop being such a Biggie Bully…*sigh*

In other news, today’s tour stop is an excerpt, here at Indie Authors You Want to Read – please stop by and leave some appreciation for the host!


Along Came Jones Progress Meter

33252 / 75106 words. 44% done!


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2 responses to “Tour Stop – Indie Authors You Want to Read

  1. Cinta García

    May 17, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Thanks for the mention!


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