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15 May

Good morning, all – it’s a beautiful morning here in Edmonton, and all I can say is:  ABOUT FRICKIN’ TIME!!!

I’m currently on days off, with the goal of finishing the first draft of Along Came Jones before the end of Monday (which is our May holiday).  I had booked the days off before Blondie had her medical emergency, but I have to say:  very good timing.  Now I can give her the medication on a more regimented basis – and keep Biggie from beating on her because he’s convinced she’s going to murder us all in our sleep.

Which, you know, once she’s feeling better… ^.^

Today’s tour stop is not nearly as dramatic as trying to wrestle a 20-pound cat out of a bedroom (or trying to wrestle a pill down a 5-pound cat’s throat), but it’s still fun!  It’s here at D’ebook Sharing Book Reviews.  Please stop by and leave some love and appreciation for the host!  😀


Along Came Jones Progress Bar (Shot Glass Version – it’s short)

27989 / 75954 words. 37% done!


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