Gift Card Winners – Past and Present

13 Feb

Good morning everyone!

We’ve warmed up to -13C this morning.  I think I may cry with happiness – LOL. My brother should be out of the hospital tomorrow (that was a long haul), and my #1 sister may be coming to Edmonton on the weekend.  It’s shaping up to be a fun and busy weekend.

There’s no tour stop today, but I wanted to post something about gift card winners.

First, past ones:  If anyone has contact with Megan Johns and/or Mary Lowry, could you please let them know they won gift cards back in August (!!).  I can’t seem to find e-mail addresses for them and they never responded to my comments on their respective blog posts.  If you do have contact with them, could you please ask them to e-mail me at so I can get them their cards?

I will also be following up with Enchanted Book Promotions to find out the winner for that book tour’s $25 gift card…and whether they do it or if I do.  I’ve never used Rafflecopter before, so this is a bit of learning curve for me.  I’ll be posting the screen name and getting in touch with the winner as soon as I can.

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