Today’s Tour Stop

31 Jan

Has been rescheduled to tomorrow.  But I thought I’d put up a post anyway to say that I now have the schedules for the next two blog tours that are coming up!  \o/

I’m going to be updating the schedule page today.  Once that’s done, I’ll be doing all the things I was supposed to do on Wednesday (get to the bank, get to my brother’s place, etc., etc.).  I had started out on Wednesday with good intentions, but then the bus I was on slid into the bus in front of us.  O.O

Nobody was hurt, except for a little old lady who slipped on the ice as she was trying to get from the bus to the sidewalk.  She was sitting on the bench when I left, so I’m hoping she wasn’t hurt too badly.  I took it as a sign, though, that it just wasn’t going to be my day to travel (even if only by bus – LOL).  That was a first, though!!  Hopefully it’s also my last.  ;D

In terns of writing, I’ve been taking a couple of days away from everything I’m working on.  Mainly because I need to get other things done (house?  DISASTER!!  Again.  😦 ), but also because I need to let things rest a bit.  I’m planning on writing a guest blog about this stage of the writing process, so you guys will have to follow my next tour to find out more – LOL.

Hope everybody is having a wonderful Friday!

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