WOW – it’s…been a while… O.O

26 Nov

Not sure where the time is going, only that it’s going far, far too quickly!

So, what have I been doing??

1.  Settling in to my new place, after the most disorganized move I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve moved A LOT).  I still have quite a few boxes to unpack after 1.5 months, but I’m getting there.  🙂

2.  The Grunt has finally come out of semi-hiding, and wants to look out windows and everything!  The Runt’s been out of hiding since two days after we moved in.  Mind you, she’s tiny and can hide in the darnedest places…including on top of the pipes in the basement.  She looks like a cougar, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting prey (me).

3.  Writing, part 1.  Nanowrimo, of course, is on in full force.  My goal is to write 50,000 words this month across multiple works in progress, and I’m well on my way to making that goal – whooo!!  \o/  I’ve been running my own 10-minute word sprints and holy smokes, that just churns out the words!

4.  Writing, part 2.  I’ve been plugging away on Along Came Jones.  And yeah, I think I’m sold on that name now – LOL.  I was starting to feel like I should print it out just so I could BURN IT IN EFFIGY, but I was distracted by another plot bunny for a couple of days (saved my NaNo word count).  I came back to it yesterday, and I am once again in love with the characters and the story.  Now, if I can just finish it by the end of December, and then start on the editing process… o.O  My goal is a mid-April release date…unless, of course, I really do snap and THROW IT AND MY COMPUTER THROUGH THE NEAREST WINDOW!!  *cough*  *ahem*

Moving on…

5.  Arranging Book Tours.  Yep, I’m taking A Life Less Ordinary back out on the road.  Well, the virtual road, anyway.  And because I’m seriously unhinged, I’m setting up a bunch of tours to run consecutively.  If all goes well, the book will be on tour from January 6th until sometime in August.  I’ll post schedule(s) as soon as I have the tours confirmed (i.e., all paid for).  Why am I doing this?  Because I want to try different tour companies, and because, well, I really enjoyed the other tours.  Besides, anything worth doing is worth OVER-doing.  ;D

6.  Looking half-heartedly for work.  I hate resumes.  I really hate cover letters.  Ugh.

7.  Last but definitely not least:  Cheering my home province’s football team on to a Grey Cup 2013 victory!!!  Rider Pride, baby!!  And it only took six years this time to win it again (instead of 23 and 18)!


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2 responses to “WOW – it’s…been a while… O.O

  1. marilynslagel

    November 26, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    I like #5. I really need to do that, too.

    • victoriabernadine

      November 27, 2013 at 6:37 pm

      I enjoyed the last two tours so much, that I’m really looking forward to doing it again (and again and again… ;D )


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