Cast of Characters (in all senses of the phrase… :D )

06 Aug

Here is the list of characters for my current Plot Bunny of Unusual Size, which I talked about here.  😀  It’s currently titled Lou Lou…but I hate it, so who knows what I’m going to end up calling it.

If you’ve read A Life Less Ordinary, you’ll know I like “casting” my characters.  While I have no problem identifying and posting pictures of the celebrities I’ve “cast” on my fanfic oriented journal (that’s really what fanfic is about, after all), I think it would give a very different and very misleading impression here on my professional one (especially for people not familiar with the fanfic concept).

I guess you’ll just have to wait for the book to find out who was in my head for all of these characters!  ;D

Main Characters

Benjamin Ferrin Macon-Jones – Ferrin has it all:  comfortable wealth, minor celebrity due to his family name, and Olivia, an intelligent, accomplished, ambitious woman who loves him as much as he loves her…until the day she refuses his marriage proposal, tells him he’s a detriment to her career in his family’s company, and leaves him.  Reeling from the rejection and unable to cope with his cantankerous family’s attempts to be supportive, Ferrin decides to take some time away from everyone and everything.  With the help of Pierce, his business manager, he leaves town under the name of Lou Simon Upjohn, and quietly disappears into the Canadian countryside.

Lou Simon Upjohn – Unbeknownst to Ferrin, Lou Simon Upjohn is a real person – and she has problems of her own.  Besides having the stupidest name ever for a woman, Lou’s a recluse and agoraphobic, trapped within the walls of her family home in a small town in Saskatchewan.  To make matters worse, Ike, her only link to the outside world and the love of her life, has married another woman and now they’re moving to Vancouver.  Before he leaves, Ike hires the new guy in town to run her errands and do her yard work.  Lou isn’t happy, but she’s not sure she’s prepared to do anything about it.

Secondary Characters

Tessa – The friendly, free-spirited barista in Lou’s small town home, she’s naturally curious about the stranger in town, and his budding relationship with the local recluse.

Pierce Hotz – The Macon-Jones’ personal business manager, he’s been working for the family for decades.  While the family drives him crazy, they pay extremely well and, he has to admit, they can provide hours of entertainment.  He has a soft spot for Ferrin, but knows better than to admit it to anyone in the family.

Olivia – Ferrin’s ex-lover.  She refuses his marriage proposal because she thinks it’s better for her career aspirations in the Macon-Jones company.  But does she regret her decision once Ferrin strikes out on his own, away from Toronto, the family…and her?

Ike – Lou’s best friend, protector and former lover.  He’s Lou’s lifeline to the outside world, both practically and emotionally.  He’s the only person Lou has interacted with for the last five years.  When he marries another woman and then leaves town, it sends Lou into a tailspin that takes her places no one could predict.

Tertiary Characters

Juan Martinez – The first person Ferrin meets in town, Juan takes an immediate liking to this stranger drifting into town, and offers him a job as a general labourer on his construction crew.

Abram Macon-Jones – The oldest member of the Macon-Jones family, he’s the reigning family patriarch and the Chairman of the Board of the Macon-Jones business empire.  Like everyone else in the family, he has a soft spot for his cousin Ferrin, but would rather gouge out his own eyes before he’d admit it.

Gillian Macon-Jones – Ferrin’s stepmother, Gillian knows all too well the Macon-Jones’ tendency to exploit any sign of vulnerability.  She married Ferrin’s father filled with romantic dreams of life with the man she loved, but the reality quickly hardened her into the cool, refined and detached woman she’s become.

Glorified Extras

Ferrin’s Cousins – Cantankerous, sarcastic, cutthroat – but they all have a soft spot for Ferrin, who somehow manages to stay outside of the bickering while staying within the family.

Irish – Ike’s wife…sorry, that’s all I’ve got for her so far…  😦

They’re all enormously fun – and they all want to take over the story!!! *bats at them with floofy bats*

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